Engineering and Design

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Whether it’s a single conveyor layout or a full automated system, we have the knowledge and services needed to get the job done for your material handling system.

New Facilities

Both automated and manual systems have been designed depending upon customer preferences and project payback considerations. We have experience in automation in a variety of industries. As a true integrator, equipment independence allows us to select the best solution for each application. As ergonomics is of prime concern in our manual systems, a typical goal is to reduce or eliminate lifting and turning by the operating personnel.

Existing Conveyor System Modifications

Expansion and modification of an existing system that we did not originally design, is the most common design request that we receive. Taking an existing (perhaps overcrowded) facility and enhancing by the reduction of problem areas or bottlenecks making the material flow more efficient. The range of our past design projects covers a full range of possibilities from small to large.

  • Adding conveyor and operator platform to an existing system to facilitate a new operation.
  • Improving a conveyor layout by reducing problem-areas or improving cycle time.
  • Expanding an existing facility with a building addition and tying into the existing system.
  • Converting a manual facility to an automated facility.

Mechanical Engineering

Using Inventor and AutoCAD design and drafting software, our engineers and designers can promptly provide our customers with approval drawings for their orders to ensure that every custom conveyor system or component is precisely manufactured to exact specifications and customer expectations.

MHS has a full service in house conveyor engineering staff. We tailor standard configurations or design custom solutions to meet each project’s requirements with innovative ideas, while keeping the customer involved in the design process. In order that our customers can visualize the final product and check dimensions for critical clearances, we generate approval drawings for review prior to fabrication and installation.

State of the Art Engineering Capability

Inventor – the easy to use, intuitive 3D solid modeling capabilities allow Material Handling Systems Engineers to quickly find the solution to your conveying needs. With Inventor, MHS engineers are able to design assemblies and test them before building any parts and shorten the design and manufacturing cycle.

AutoCAD – our engineers and designers are equipped with AutoCAD design and drafting software, which lets us upgrade existing product lines and develop new system prototypes, in addition to providing approval drawings.